To download videos from youtube and other video sites in LINUX


It’s easy. If you are using suse, then just open the terminal, become su and type:

zypper install youtube-dl

Exit su mode.

Then just go to the folder where you want to save the video and type

youtube-dl <url>

For other distros of linux, it depends on which package manager you are using:

Fedora–> yum install youtube-dl

and there is apt-get too–> apt-get install youtube-dl

You can play these files using mplayer and it works fine!


I recently found another command line tool that is even better than youtube-dl, it is called Clive. You can get clive and use it in the same way as youtube-dl. Through Clive, you can download videos from any site that offers streaming video, ofcourse you just have to know the video url. For suse;

sudo zypper install clive

For using clive:

clive <url>

There are a few command line options as well:

eg. with -o you can specify the filename by which you want to store the video that you download, with the -s option you can specify the path where you want to store the video.


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