Mukti ’09

The Linux Users Group (LUG) which will soon be GNU/LUG of NIT Durgapur has started preparations for the next edition of Mukti, that is Mukti ’09. This year, we are going to make it big, bigger than ever! Its the same feeling that’s going through the minds of every member of LUG. And that too for obvious reasons.


Last year, due to some unavoidable circumstances, Mukti was held along with Aarohan, which was a shocker to everybody in college. This also drew a lot of criticism from the public and since then we had that fire in us to make Mukti ’09 a grand success. We have been having a lot of meetings and have decided to have a lot of new events this time in Mukti, and it is expected to pull a lot of crowds from across the country. I will be the event coordinator for two events namely: pen[GUI]n and Rush-Hour.

I just submitted the write ups for the events which will be put up in the website of mukti, that is

Here are the event details for PenGUIn:

penGUIn is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) designing contest, which will test your skills in various GUI designing tools available on Linux. Some of the tools/Programming Languages that can be used are: Java, wxPython, GTK, QT, PyQT, PyGTK, etc. The participants may have to work on some FOSS and design GUIs for some command-line programs which do not have a graphical user interface. The maximum no of participants allowed in a team is 2. The event will be organized in two rounds:

(1) The Online Round: The problem statements of the online round will be put up on the website by 15th January. The submissions for the online round will end on 22nd. The results will be announced on 26th Jan.

(2) Finals: Around 8 teams will be selected from the online round for the final round which will be held in NIT Durgapur during Muki ’09 (6th to 8th Feb). If the participation is more in the online round, then we can consider more entries for the final round. The final round will be an overnight event and challenging problem statements will be given to the participants.

As a build-up to this event, various workshops will be organized in January in NIT Durgapur by the students and professionals in the Industry.


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