We guys probably made the best use of Durga Puja vacations out of the four years in college this time, as we visited Scotland of the East, SHILLONG.

First there was a lot of confusion when we decided to visit Shillong, about the no of people who would be interested and about the places to visit, the amount of money that would get spent there, etc. Then after we jotted down a plan, we got an overwhelming response and people whom we didn’t even expect started raising their hands to the plan.

local train journey

After a lot of discussion about the maximum no of people that can go so that the trip is economical and not a burden on our part, we decided that only 9 of us were going: Jaideep, Tushar, Patil, Nishant, Santosh, Parth, Vijay, Alok and myself. I, at first booked the tickets online without knowing the fact that wait-listed e-tickets get canceled automatically on the day of the journey if it doesn’t get confirmed before the previous night! We came to know about this very late too, on 30th September and had to book Tatkal tickets for the 6th of October (which I did online again early in the morning on 1st Oct). Our original plan was for to leave on 5th. So we had to cancel the return tickets as well and booked it for the 11th.

We left for Burdwan from Durgapur on the 6th after a jobless and boring week. We guys called Durgapur Kabul and Burdwan Kandahar during that trip. We left Durgapur early and reached Burdwanat around 3. It was really hot there. We had 2 hours left for the train Saraighat Express to arrive. So we passed some time in the ATM (thanks to SBI). Then we went to a sweet shop nearby and sat there for more than 1 hour and ate very little. The shopkeeper got really pissed of and he went to the extent of switching off the fan. So we had to move out of the shop as well. Then we came to the station and waited on our platform before the train finally arrived at around 5pm.

The train journey to Guwahati was a very short one as compared to the long 36-hour journeys in Howrah-Yeshwantpur Experss that I am used to. When we were nearing Guwahati, we witnessed some beautiful scenery and we imagined the next few days to come, which made us even more eager to visit our destination of the trip.

07102008265 071020082831


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