Day 1 – Guwahati

It was raining in Guwahati. As soon as we reached Guwahati, there was an army truck waiting to take people to the cantonment from the railway station and we got into that truck. After a journey of around 1 hour, we reached the Narangi cantonment and we were taken to the place we were to stay. It was like a guest house, and was just next to the Officers’ Mess of EME. There were two rooms (rather appartments) which was booked by Parth’s dad for us. That is where we got the theme of our trip “The Kukri Wars” as somebody quoted a famous dialog of an infamous film “aadha kukri idhar, aadha kukri udhar”. It was a really nice place and everybody started to relax. Then a person from the Officers’ Mess came and told us to get ready and have breakfast which was kept in one of the rooms and as soon as he left, we all attacked the sandwiches and it was over within seconds.

outside the guest house
outside the guest house

Parth’s dad came to see all of us and asked our plans. We decided to go to Umananda Island on the Brahmaputra and Fancy Bazaar, just next to the river bank near Umananda. We had our lunch

Umananda in the background

in the Mess and visited Parth’s house and met his mom, brother, grandfather and left for Umananda in the army truck that had brought us to the Cantonment. There is a rule that there will be 4 jawans in the truck apart from the driver and a navigator whenever the truck leaves the Cantonment area. So the four jawans with their SLR rifles were there in the truck with us, which kind of felt odd (for us, useless people). The navigator that day, turned out a kannu to our surprise as well!

Umananda island is supposedly at the narrowest part of the Brahmaputra, and even that seemed to be very far away! Then we understood the might of the Brahmaputra. We took a ferry and sat on top of it and enjoyed the ride to Umananda. It is one of the few places where Golden Langurs are found. We tried to click some snaps with them, but they refused to cooperate with us. There was also a temple on the island and we visited it and left Umananda.

We then went to Fancy Bazaar and some of us did some shopping there and that is where we recognized Vijay as the best bargainer among us. We returned back to our rooms in Narangi and then walked all the way to Parth’s house, which was atleast 3km from there. We had nice dinner, thanks to Parth’s mom and then returned back to our rooms, excited about the next day. We kept chatting for hours and with Patil’s jokes, we were up till atleast 2 in the morning.

in Umananda
in Umananda
in the truck
in the truck

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