How to add repositories in Opensuse 11.0

What is a repository?

Repository is a database which stores rpms, debs etc which we can use to install packages on a Linux system. They are helpful because while installing softwares from a repository we need not care about the dependency problems which we face when you try to install using rpm -ihv .

Adding Repositories in OpenSUSE:

To add repositories, open yast, which would require the root password. In the software section, there is an option for managing repositories called “Software Repositories”. Click on the Add Button and select Specify URL option and press Next. Now add the URL of the repository that you want to add and press Next again. Some of the repositories that you might like to add for a comprehensive list of software packages are:

And for users who are inside the NIT Durgapur Network,

For each repository, check the enabled option and un-check the Automatically Refresh Option (Except for the last two, as that does not take too much time). Now, click finish and you are done with adding repositories. Now, if you want to install any software, go to yast-> Software Management and search for the software that you want to install, if it is there in any one of the repositories that you have added, it will show up in the list there. Select those packages that you want to install and Click on Install Button there. Then Apply Changes. The packages that you have selected will start getting installed.


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