Day 3 – Cherrapunjee

We woke up early in the morning, with the notion in our minds that the day will be really good as we had planned to go to Cherapunji. We had tea in the guest house and left. The early morning scenery was all the more beautiful and the journey was an ultimate experience. I had never experienced near zero visibility in my life. I was thrilled when we were passing through the clouds! We had breakfast just before reaching Sohra (Cherrapunjee), the place is called Duwansing Syiem View Point, where we saw a map of different viewpoints in and around Sohra. The speciality of the bridge at this viewpoint was that nothing on the opposite side of the bridge was visible! All the way, we saw a lot of amazing valleys and we did not hesitate to click some photos.

scenery on the way to Cherrapunjee
scenery on the way to Cherrapunjee

We first visited the Seven Sister Falls. Though there was not much water at that time, it was an amazing view, 7 streams of water falling from such a height. And we were lucky in the whole tour as the weather was on our side. Wherever we went, we got the suitable weather to get the best out of the place. Only in Shillong peak we were not so lucky as there were clouds covering the view of the city. From the 7 sister falls viewpoint, we could also see Dauki, the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Then we visited ThangKharang Park, all these places are just a few kilometers away from each other. We saw some beautiful plants there and Santosh and Tushar also got a place to “download” stuff. We also found a very colorful insect there.

colourful insect
colourful insect

We then visited the Mawsmai Cave, where we first had our lunch and then entered the caves. And as it happens usually in Sohra, it started raining heavily. There is a well lit cave and a map showing the caves, where people usually go and come back to the starting point. We thought that it was not much fun to do what everyone else does and we started venturing into different caves there. It was really fun and we found new caves where some adventurists had come and written their names earlier! But at one point, we were at the interior of a cave and could not see anything. It was absolutely dark and that’s when it got scary. I was leading from the front and at that time I realized that we fear the most when we don’t know what lies ahead of us! I had no idea about the animals that could have been there. That was the point when we decided that we would return back. It was a thrilling experience nonetheless.

Mawsmai Caves
Mawsmai Caves

We then got back our car and started for Eco Park. It was already raining heavily and we all were already wet and feeling uncomfortable in the car. We reached eco park and were left stunned by the beauty of that place. It was absolutely amazing, with the clouds, rain, the high altitude of the Eco Park and the greenery. The 7 sister falls, that we had visited earlier originated from this place itself. The water falling from the end of the cliff and the clouds which was covering the view of the nearby mountains was giving an effect of “The end of the world”. We just did not want to leave that place.

End of the World
End of the World

We had some tea just outside the park and started our journey back to Shillong, where we had to cover a few more sites. On the way, we saw a large Air Force base too. We first visited the Lady Hydari Park, where there is a small zoo also. There is a good collection of the animals, plants and flowers that are found in that region. The park is a nice place with a lot of buzz. We then visited the Wards Lake. There is boating facility there, but we did not choose to go for it as all we could see there was couples. There is also a costly cafeteria there, where we had coffee.

Lady Hydari Park
Lady Hydari Park

We then went back to the guest house and took some rest, changed our clothes which were making us feel miserably wet, and then again left for shopping to Lewduh market. We had dinner at a restaurant there and came back to the guest house and discussed about the plans for the next day. We had two options: Dauki (Bangladesh border) or Jakrem (Hot water spring).


4 thoughts on “Day 3 – Cherrapunjee”

  1. Hey, Am a member of the Nature Club of the Wilson College, Mumbai and I recently went to the Mawsmai caves etc with the club on our trek. Was conducting some research for our club magazine and came across your blog. nice one!

  2. hi sandy…….
    gud writing yaar………..apart frm the 7sister fall hope u rmbr 3 sister fall which
    we discovrd 😛
    Ur blog brouht all those momnts alive once again…JD’s love to Bang. is the first thing i rembr 🙂 those sincillating views of nature,the song of the winds which brought serenity n the icing was the gr8 company which we brought along with ourselves…all was awesome….dude..these things n wetting my eyes…

  3. @all: Thanks for your comments
    @Vijay: Oh yeah dude, I remember the 3 sister falls! I too want to relive those moments again, lets plan for another trip!

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