Day 4 – Jakrem

The previous night we decided that we were going to Jakrem as none of us had ever seen a hot water spring. As usual, we left early in the morning and we left quite early as we had to come back to Shillong and then leave for Guwahati and we were told by Paarth’s parents that we better reach Guwahati before dark.

We started our journey, the driver had never gone to Jakrem before, though he is a regular in the Guwahati-Shillong route. So, he was not sure about the route to Jakrem. So, we had to stop at many places and ask for the route. The way again was full of scenic beauty and in this journey, we saw a lot of villages also, so we got to know more about the people of Meghalaya and the life there.

We reached the hot water spring and at first, we could not guess where the hot water was, because we saw a big stream of water flowing, which was of course not hot water. We then realized that the hot water was pipe-lined into a few bathrooms. We then found the source of the hot water, that was between 2 rocks and decided that we will directly jump into the source.


But we thought that it won’t be fun if we go into hot water first. So, we all jumped into the ice-cold water stream! For a few seconds, I could not feel anything, my whole body went numb. That was the coldest water that I had ventured into in my life. We played in the water for some time, by the way, we were taking bath after 4 days. Then we went to the hot water spring and jumped into the hot water there. Paarth could not bare the heat in the water and got a few burns on his body. We had a nice time there in Jakrem and left the place.

Hot water spring (bluish green water)
Hot water spring (bluish green water)

We then went to the guest house in Shillong and packed up all the things and loaded them into our Sumo. Then, we again went to the Police Bazaar as there were a few things that were to be exchanged, had lunch there and started for Guwahati. The journey was very calm as everybody fell asleep fast. When we were just about to leave Meghalaya, people started realizing the fact that Alcohol is really cheap there. And some people said they wanted to taste wine. So, we stopped near a wine shop and bought some red wine for people in college. There are a lot of wine shops near the Assam-Meghalaya border. One out of every 5 shops is definitely a wine shop!

We reached the army Cantt in Guwahati at around 8pm, had dinner and started planning for the next day in Guwahati.


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Jakrem”

  1. yaar …this trip was really falling apart when i asked a localite there on our way
    n he replied”Sahab itne thandi jagah mein garam pani jammen se kaise aa sakti hai …app bhi mazak kar rahe ho” !! i was awesturck to hear such a reply ….. if a localite doesn’t know den hw cme we reach such a place …n we were backed only by google n sme blogs which we read. Smehw we reached this place n many still doesn’t know abt this place…..
    This place has a stream of ice cold water which will turn u numb once u enter n just by the side u ‘ ve a hot water spring the temp. is much more than our wildest guesses. Sme diving n swmiming in this stream sent my evry part go freeze n hot water was a relief for sme time but got the burnt after sme time. The girlsin evry part of meghalaya r really beautiful…they r really gorgeous pieces i ‘ ve ever cme across…..

  2. so you had a GOOD time, eh? Thanks to your site.. I got to know about feedjit.. Tell me more.. are you smoking weed somewhere or climbing other mountains? Cheers!

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