unset http_proxy

I use ubuntu 9.04. When in college, due to the proxy server there, I had added the proxy to most of the applications that I needed to use behind proxy. I had also set the proxy settings for apt-get and synaptic package manager and they used to work when in the college network.

When I came home, as there is no proxy server here, I removed the proxy settings at all the places I could remember of: (1) In system->preferences->network proxy, (2) system->administration->synaptic package manager, (3) /etc/apt/apt.conf, (4) .bashrc, etc.

But apt-get and synaptic were not working. I searched a lot for the solution and all the results mentioned the above things only. Then I came across this wonderful blog: http://burakdd.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/removing-proxy-server-from-ubuntu-9-04/  and I learnt about this command:

unset http_proxy

which did the trick for me! Now, as I blog, the apt-get update is under progress 🙂

I thought that this has to be documented, so here I am!


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