Right After the Class

One thing that I have noticed over so many years of education in schools and colleges is that everybody has something to take home after each and every class. It can be a few laughs over a funny incident that happened in the class, or a very informative and interesting fact that was presented, or some new concept that was completely unknown and seems path-breaking.

But a very common thing is that people have that hangover of the class for a long time after it has ended. That is good sometimes, but a few people tend to overdo it and try to apply some theory to everything, which can get annoying. It doesn’t matter if the class is really boring or if we have not understood a single thing in the class, but we never give up using the terms thrown at us in the class, which can be either due to excitement, anger, frustration or elation, but ultimately we make a person who has not attended it feel like they have missed something.

I was really surprised when even after a really hard-to-sit Finance and Accounting class people were discussing about credit, debit, assets and liabilities. The buzz words in IIITB have been changing with semester, time and subject. I remember the most talked ones at some point of time were IEEE 754, Finite Precision, Brooks’ Law, etc and have now given way to terms like Strategy, Planning, Credit, Debit, etc.

But our all time favourites have been (ask anyone from our batch) Circular Fallacy, Throwing the Book, Conformance Fallacy, etc which have been etched in all our brains and hearts right in our prep sem and will last for ever!


3 thoughts on “Right After the Class”

  1. I have to get back to blogging man, this post was long time back! Surprised to see that the no of hits has crossed 10,000!

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