When I sat down to Write


A lot of things to write about

But not a clue where to start.

Here I am, starting my journey with my pen

It could be a long one or it could end right here.


When I start to ink things down,

Many a thought gush into my mind.

I hear one loud clear voice from within that says

“Do you know enough to write?”


Then I go back and think to myself

Do I publish it or move it to trash?

Once I’ve made up my mind I say,

Let me give it a try.


For there are wiser people

And those who know how to write

But everybody has their own views

About this game called Life.


Surprised I surely am,

glancing at the above lines.

And now laziness creeps in and makes me say

“That’s all for now folks, Let’s call it a day, Good night.”


6 thoughts on “When I sat down to Write”

  1. By the end of the second paragraph you are yet to make up your mind if you want to write or not, but you have already written the 2nd paragraph.


    (Good one btw)

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